Thursday, October 3, 2013

Skating in Mokpo

So I finally got my skateboards here (Thanks mom!!) and I've noticed some new things and I thought I'd share them with you.

1. Korean drivers don't stop for you and they don't follow the speed limit...ever. They will blow through crosswalks without a thought for you. They will even run red lights if they think they can make it through the intersection without getting hit by another car. Oh, and on mountain roads that are beautiful to skate on, they'll pass speed limit signs with 30 KPH on them doing probably 100 KPH and will cut lanes on blind turns, so being in the opposite lane does not guarantee your safety. So on windy roads you have to skate at night so you can see their headlights.

2. Koreans will get stoked and curious if you ollie up a curb, and they will go absolutely apes**t if you throw a kickflip off a curb or a boneless off a bench. They will treat you like a street performer and will sit and watch you do what you do. ESPECIALLY if you're skating downhill fast.

3. Korean cities (especially Mokpo) are very well adapted to skateboarding. Especially bridge underpasses are really steeply banked with great transitions. You can skate everything, but if you mess up and your board hits anything people will be pissed at you.

4. Korean skate parks suck horribly. They consist of 2' tall miniramps placed in bizarre ways that don't connect lines at all...

So yeah, that's what skateboarding is like: really exciting, dangerous, and limited to what you make of it.

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